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IRS Audits

Sometimes, the anticipation over a dreaded event is worse than the event itself. IRS audits are like that. You can get yourself so worked up after receiving notice of an upcoming tax audit, that it’s almost better just to get the exam over and come to terms with the results. At Taxation Solutions, Inc., we can’t help you speed the process along, but we can assist with your tax audit preparation so you’ll be good and ready when the big day arrives. There’s no need to fall apart at the thought of an impending tax audit. We know from experience that preparation is half the battle, and we’ll help you get all your ducks in a row for your audit defense.

Taxation Solutions, Inc. - Tax Audit Defense PaperworkWhile this may be your first experience with a personal or business audit, Taxation Solutions has gone through the process countless times with clients of all types and backgrounds. We’re here to tell you that the sleepless nights and apprehension over the prospect of your tax audit really are harder than the actual examination—especially if you have our seasoned experts standing by your side. In fact, you don’t even need to be present during the audit by IRS officials. We’ll take care of the entire audit defense for you, including:

  • Compiling and organizing the necessary documents
  • Determining the root cause of your tax audit selection
  • Negotiating on your behalf in front of the IRS
  • Structuring tax settlements, such as offers in compromise
  • Tips for avoiding an audit from the IRS and tax problems in the future

IRS audits are no different from any other stressful occasion you’re forced to sit and contemplate. The more you think about everything that could go wrong, the more you drive yourself crazy. But you can turn off that pessimistic voice inside your head knowing that Taxation Solutions is here to make things right. Whether you’re unsure of what paperwork you’re required to submit or you’re worried about having to be there as the tax audit is taking place, you can rely on our capable advocates to help you calm your nagging fears. We’ve been solving tax problems since 2008, and we have more than four decades of combined experience in IRS audits and audit defense services.

Even after the tax audit process is done, Taxation Solutions continues to help you put your fears to rest. Should the IRS determine that you do in fact owe back taxes, we’ll use our extensive experience in strategic tax resolution to come up with a viable option that’s agreeable to both sides. In the end, you’ll get to settle your debts in a timely and reasonable fashion, and put all of that tax audit anxiety behind you once and for all. Whether that means an offer in compromise agreement or an installment payment plan remains to be seen. But isn’t it nice to know you don’t have to take on your tax problems all by yourself?

To take advantage of our expertise for audits by the IRS, simply contact Taxation Solutions in Atlanta over the phone or online. We’re a fully licensed tax help firm with decades of experience in IRS audits and customer service that’s second to none. If that doesn’t soothe your sense of panic, we don’t know what will.

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