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Offers in Compromise

One of the most popular and desirable tax settlements is the IRS offer in compromise. If you're an Atlanta-area taxpayer and want to discuss your eligibility for an offer in compromise with the IRS, don’t hesitate to call in the licensed and insured pros at Taxation Solutions, Inc. We’re an experienced tax firm with a proven track record of getting our clients the best possible results in their dealings with the tax authorities. We’ll customize our tax services to your specific needs, and if an offer and compromise is the right solution, you can be sure we’ll work tirelessly to see it through. Call today for more information!

What Are Offers in Compromise?

In certain circumstances, the IRS may be willing to forgive a portion of your tax debt, in exchange for absolute assurance that you’ll pay the remaining balance. This is called an IRS offer in compromise. You might be eligible for an offer in compromise from the IRS if you:

  • Are up to date with all filing and payment requirements
  • Are not currently in bankruptcy proceedings
  • Can show doubt as to your liability for the full tax balance, or:
  • Can show doubt as to your ability to repay what you owe in a reasonable amount of time, or:
  • Can prove that repayment of the debt would lead to severe economic hardship

Because offers in compromise mean the IRS isn’t able to collect everything it is owed, the tax authorities don't give away these settlements lightly. You’ll need knowledgeable and skilled tax pros on your side to ensure that you put your best case forward. Choose Taxation Solutions, Inc., and know that you and your offer and compromise petition are in excellent hands. 

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