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Tax Penalties and Settlements

The IRS doesn’t fool around when it comes to enforcing their tax penalty powers. They want to collect the monies they’re owed, and they’ll use every tool in their arsenal to try to compel your compliance. The best you can do is try to bring the amount of your debt load down through a variety of optional counteractions and tax settlement techniques. That’s where the team at Taxation Solutions, Inc. can really help to safeguard your assets and financial well-being. Specializing in strategic tax abatement for individuals as well as Atlanta-area businesses, we’re here to keep tax penalties from crippling your financial outlook. If you’ve become a target of IRS tax penalties, call or click today to connect with one of our tax settlements advisors. We have the inside track on abating tough tax penalties, and your initial consultation is free!

Taxation Solutions, Inc. - Tax LienOnce you’re indebted to the IRS, the severity of your tax penalties and fees will only continue to climb at a ceaseless pace. Wait long enough, and you could find yourself buried under an avalanche of unpaid taxes and fines. However, Taxation Solutions can throw you a lifeline to help you get out from under the crushing weight of your debt. By working with our tax penalty specialists to orchestrate a well-grounded course of action, you can make effective use of the alternative taxes settlement methods allowed through the IRS. These types of tax settlements include:

  • Offer in Compromise Agreements, in which you lower your overall tax burden but are still responsible for your remaining balance
  • Installment Payment Plans, which enable you to pay off your debts in monthly allotments you can manage more easily
  • Penalty Abatement, where the IRS allows for tax debt reduction by removing tax penalties
  • Lifting of Liens and Levies, whereby your property and other assets are saved from seizure by IRS authorities
  • Stopping Wage Garnishment, in which the IRS agrees to stop taking a portion of your paychecks in an effort to cover your tax debt

To help you qualify for an IRS tax settlement, Taxation Solutions will bring our four decades of combined experience to your defense, working to prove that the specifics of your case show support for granting you a reprieve. Whether your setbacks are due to a death in the family, a stay in the hospital, or even the devastating effects of a violent storm, mitigating circumstances can go a long way toward having your tax penalties reduced or lifted altogether. Trust our tax settlement experts in Atlanta to shed the best possible light on you and your need for timely penalty abatement. We’ve been negotiating with the IRS since 2008, and we know how to frame our arguments in order to secure a happy ending. 

So stick with the team that has decades of experience in IRS settlement negotiations. Contact Taxation Solutions today to get the ball rolling on your personalized service for tax penalty abatement. For more information about taxes settlement options for you or your business, schedule your free consultation now by phone. We’re available for evening and weekend appointments upon request. We also offer emergency tax settlement service for cases of extreme urgency such as release of a bank levy. Give us a call right away!

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